Ithaca Fringe 2016!THE 2016 ITHACA FRINGE FESTIVAL
April 14 – April 17, 2016

Please read our Artist Guidelines before filling out this application!

Applications will not be considered final if they are not filled out completely & correctly and applicants have paid the non-refundable $25 application fee (payable online at the bottom of this application).

Tech rehearsals begin Tuesday, April 12 and run through Wednesday, April 13. Applicants must have no conflicts during those dates and be available from 9:00 a.m. on the 12th and 13th. No schedule accommodations are guaranteed, although if you are traveling very far we will do our best to ensure that your tech is scheduled on Wednesday the 13th.

YOU MAY SUBMIT ONE SHOW ONLY AS A PRODUCER OR PRODUCING COMPANY. Artists may NOT participate in multiple projects. (E.g., if you are a playwright/producer, you may not also be an actor in another person's show.)

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS PLEASE NOTE: The laws governing performers entering the United States are strict. If you decide to apply to our festival, please ensure that your paperwork is complete and legal status is ensured. The Ithaca Fringe Festival will assume no responsibility for your ability to enter and perform at our festival. We will gladly offer whatever assistance we can in order to facilitate your legal status as a foreign performer on U.S. soil.

ITHACA FRINGE FESTIVAL GUIDELINES ARE FOUND HERE. Your completed submission implies that you have read these and committed them to heart. Maybe even had them tattooed on your body someplace.

Be aware of the deadlines; they are absolute. All deadlines are receipt deadlines, and applications are accepted online only.



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Primary Contact Alternate Phone #


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City (required):

State (required):

Zip Code (required):

City you'd like your production to be ID'd as from (if different)

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Show Blurb (10 words max): [will appear most places, particularly media listings]

Show Description (150 Words max): [will appear in Fringe program and on website]

Group Bio (150 Words max): [will appear on Fringe website]

Do any of the following content advisories apply to your show (be honest).

Use of Strobe Lights (You would be providing)
Smoking (subject to festival and venue approval)
Gunshots (subject to festival and venue approval)
Adult content/situations. Explain:

Please accurately rate your show’s content:

Do any of the following marketing/subject matter categories apply to your show? This will help us to market your show to its biggest possible audience. (Check all that apply.)

Family friendly
Gender themes
African-American themes
Latino themes
Other ethnicity themes (please specify:)

How would you describe your show? (Check all that apply.)


What's the most exciting/fringy thing about your show (50 words or less)?

If this is your first time applying to the Ithaca Fringe Festival, how did you hear about us?

If you are a fringe veteran, how many other festivals have you participated in?

Running Time
(REQUIRED; your show must have a running time of between 45 minutes and 75 minutes. Be precise; DO NOT give a range of time. This time limit includes curtain calls and audience discussions. Be warned: Longer shows WILL be cut off by the house lights coming on. NOTHING starts late and NOTHING runs long at the Ithaca Fringe.)

Is your show a premiere? (required; please check all that apply):

Not a premiere

Minimal Stage Dimensions Requirements:
Plan accordingly: ALL STAGES ARE SMALL. The smallest is a lobby with windows open to the street (shows of an adult nature will not be performed there)

Total Number of Cast Members: (The number of persons involved with your show who will performing onstage ONLY.)

Total Number of Technicians (The number of your company's NON-PERFORMING technical members who will be at EVERY performance. This includes directors, various tech, and stage managers. You must either supply or be prepared to act as a stage manager.):

Upload a script: (maximum size = 5 MB)

If you ("Company") are selected into the Ithaca Fringe Festival ("Fringe"), this application will be considered a signed performance agreement between Company and Fringe. By submitting this application the Company acknowledges and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations contained herein, as well as the rules and regulations of Fringe. Withdrawals are accepted only from Primary Contact specified in this agreement and only in writing. The Company agrees to adhere to the laws of New York State, the ordinances of the City of Ithaca in which its performances are presented, and the policies and procedures of the Fringe. The Company accepts all responsibility for adhering to all applicable union, copyright, and immigration regulations, and agrees to acquire any necessary city or state permits. Fringe reserves the right to remove the Company from festival participation if it is in violation of any terms of this agreement, resulting in the cancellation of any and all of the Company's performances at the festival and the Company's forfeiture of all fees and box office payout.

Once you are ready to submit, hit the SUBMIT button. You will be taken to our WePay page where you can bestow upon us your $25 non-refundable application fee. Once we have that, you will be all set and we will be in touch to let you know if you have been selected through our lottery, which takes place soon after January 15, 2016. Good luck!

George Sapio, Artistic Director